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Lemonade Community

Better talent.
For clients.
Always executing.

Lemonade Projects is a community

of Clients, Staff, Research Fellows and Advisors from all over the world.

We are fluent in many languages, but we all speak  'programmatic'.

We are constantly growing the Lemonade Community

because we acknowledge that the smartest people are usually not in the room.

The collective intelligence is everywhere else.


Our economics-minded talent is a bit different than what clients are used to getting.

The people with their fingers on keyboards and eyes on data are by far the most important programmatic asset you can have on your side.

We only hire hands-on-keyboard talent skilled in economics.

We seek a "medianomics" mindset from unexpected places.

We manage and work from anywhere in the world.

We like to put fresh eyes on old advertising problems,

so if you are interested in working with us,

check out our open roles.

Get prepared to experience the most challenging

and rewarding interview process you've ever had.

Programmatic Think Tank

Research Fellows & Advisors

Operating in and around Lemonade Projects is the industry's first and only

Programmatic Think Tank.

Our research fellows and advisors are organized to conceive and publish interdisciplinary research with the objective of

providing enlightenment on a diverse range of programmatic issues.

Are you interested in joining our think tank community as a fellow or advisor?



Supply Strategy



Identity Resolution



Attention Metrics



Ad Quality



Supply Strategy



Data Science

"An idea can turn to dust or magic,

depending on the talent that rubs against it."

– Bill Bernbach