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Six competencies.
Fast experiments.
Future-forward advantage.


We bring our clients into the future today.

That's why we focus on 6 future-forward competencies.  

Each individual competency forms a powerful campaign experiment.

When we mix competencies into several hybrid experiments,  

our clients get winning strategies and massive auction advantages. 




When your DSP gets a bid request, it must ask a fundamental question: "do I want to buy an ad for this particular user ID?" If yes, then submit a bid. If no, then pass on the "opportunity." That's audience targeting in a nutshell.

In a post-cookie world, everything about that quintessential question changes. As cookie IDs get replaced by first-party data and better contextual data, we unlock new ways to assess bid value.

Lemonade Projects runs experiments to test every viable variation, constantly seeking better data to more accurately align a bid price with expected ad quality.

Learn about taking identity leadership.

You’ve got your target audience segment ready to go. You know how to bid at the optimal price. Your DSP is off to the races buying tons of impressions on your behalf.

But are your ads on-target? Are any humans seeing your ads? Are your ads served on legit sites? Do your ads even render at all? Are they viewable? What are the odds of navigating this ad quality minefield?

Our campaign experiments are designed to only bid the right price for the potential ad quality on offer. We call this trade-off "The Struggle."


Learn about The Struggle.


Ad Quality Probabilities




Buying a programmatic ad that makes it safely through the quality minefield is a fundamental hurdle to overcome every time your DSP makes a bid.

The more ad quality you're able to buy for a given budget, the better your chances of capturing consumer attention. That's campaign success in a nutshell.

When attention metrics are done right, ad quality becomes fungible across all inventory types. Our clients want like-for-like pricing enlightenment, so we layer attention metrics on every campaign experiment. 

Check out our perspective called "Chances of Programmatic Success".

With a firm handle on post-cookie ID targeting and how to correctly price ad quality BEFORE you bid, you now have the best chance of turning ads into attention.

By maximizing attention, you greatly improve your chances of capturing incremental gain.  That's advertising in a nutshell.

Incrementality measurement is a blue ocean opportunity, but it takes total precision and experimentation to get the most out of this amazing statistical science. We run various forms of incrementality tests on every experiment and transform what we learn into competitive advantages for our clients.

Learn about our Theory of Everything for Programmatic.





Private Algo Design

When it comes to auction competition, Lemonade Projects is the first and only programmatic innovation shop to think and act like a hedge fund.

Why? Because winning a bid is never enough. Winning and knowing that you're creating measurable value is the name of the programmatic game.

The whole point of auction bidding in a competitive environment is to "trap" the intrinsic value of the impression BEFORE you bid and then buy it for less as often as possible. When you become indifferent to winning or losing, that’s when you know you've mastered your supply chain.

By running a fast-paced experiments program, we reveal the right information to deliver privileged bid formulas for our clients' benefit.

Read Our Lemon Market Thesis Paper.


We wrote the book on Programmatic Cost Accounting Principles.

Every cost in your programmatic supply chain is traceable.  And when the spending is done, everything has to balance. That's counting and accounting in a nutshell.

Lemonade Projects excels at "seeing" through opaque counting events that most other programmatic practitioners either miss or ignore. Our clients get a clear, consistent, and continuous counting of absolutely every cost along the entire supply chain.

Connect with us to learn more about our PCAP Rapid Assessment Program.

Programmatic Cost Accounting Principles


"100 years from now, the Idea is still going to be more important than all the technology in the world."

– Bill Bernbach