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Innovation budget.

Experimental campaigns.
Client enlightenment.

Step 1

Fund It


Schedule time to learn more.


Get scoped for your 6-month innovation program.


Fund our program fee to support your dedicated Lemonade Team.

Step 2

Run Campaign Experiments


Allocate innovation budget to fund campaign experiments.


We don't need much budget to run a lot of experiments.


Quickly gain new perspectives and more clarity outside of "programmatic-as-usual."

Step 3

What happens when the program ends?


Option 1

Scale up, run more experiments.

Option 2

Transfer your Lemonade system to your AOR.

Option 3

Transfer our system to your in-house team.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

If you're looking to develop deeper programmatic competencies

and want future-forward options, then let's get to know each other.

Schedule a 30-minute overview presentation.