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Lemonade Projects

We're transforming programmatic advertising

for the benefit of marketers.

Programmatic Innovation Agency

Make better decisions.

Get real-world comparables to programmatic-as-usual.

Lemonade Projects turns economic principles, game theory, and radical transparency into a competitive advantage for our clients.

We practice what is true about programmatic so our clients can get what they want.

"The Struggle"

Our clients want a real-world comparable to the status quo programmatic they get today 

Our clients want to spend ad budget responsibly on auctioned inventory.

They also want to get the best ad quality in return.

Achieving both outcomes at the same time is a problem we call "The Struggle."

Lemonade Projects solves this problem for our clients.


By completely reimagining campaign design and management into a system of fast experimentation with fresh-eyed talent, clean tech choices, and the highest quality standards.

Programmatic ad auctions share many characteristics of a Lemon Market — this means buyers don't have enough good information about potential ad quality, so they end up overpaying in auctions. Our campaign experiments reverse this problem and turn it into a competitive advantage.


Get familiar with our Lemon Market Thesis.


Legacy approaches struggle to innovate at the speed clients expect. As the post-cookie world, e-commerce ad spending, and CTV frontier collide, it becomes more difficult than ever to spend growing budgets AND get the best ad quality outcomes at the same time.


Learn more about the "Struggle" problem-solving framework.


We use programmatic tools to turn lemon market risk into advertising lemonade. Our unique system is inspired by a hedge fund management philosophy called Radical Transparency, which we use as a creative springboard to design and execute future-forward experiments on every marketer's mind.


Learn more about our campaign experiment focus areas.

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Our approach to campaign experimentation is better, faster, and cheaper than any existing alternative. Like everything else, even our staffing model is an experiment — we only hire hands-on-keyboard talent skilled in economics, econometrics, and structured thinking. Not only do we help our clients gain rapid programmatic enlightenment, but we also make our entire system transferable to any agency of record or in-house team.


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"First I shall do some experiments before I proceed further because my intention is to consult experience first and then with reasoning show why such experience is bound to operate in such a way."

– Leonardo da Vinci